Dub & Ko Language Services is the creation of an international family hoping to build a bridge of communication between the English-speaking and Mandarin-speaking worlds. We offer a diverse range of proofreading, translation and English tutoring services to globally-minded individuals and businesses. Please be in touch with any queries by email at contact@dubandko.com . We will be happy to get back to you!

Dub & Ko Language Services是一個由跨國家庭所創設的線上語言服務網站,我們提供專業英文校對編修服務中英翻譯服務英語家教服務等服務,如果您需要任何英語上的協助,歡迎您來信到contact@dubandko.com與我們聯繫,我們會以最快的速度回覆您!


Screen Shot 2015-09-17 at 9.48.30 am“I highly recommend Kita as a proofreader for essays and dissertations because her work is done with fidelity, fluency and felicity.” Hortanse Chen, Bristol University, proofreading and editing service

image1-3“I am highly satisfied with the quality of Dub & Ko’s proofreading service and I recommend it to all those studying abroad!” – Peggy Liu, University of Bath, proofreading and editing service

S__8937474-2“I’ve learned how to better my writing from reading the corrected sentences. I’m very grateful for the assistance of Dub & Ko.”  Jeremy Yeh, IHTTI School of Hotel Management, proofreading and editing service

Screen Shot 2015-09-13 at 6.53.26 pm“I strongly recommend Kita for copyediting academic works, such as essays or dissertations, not only because of her quick service but also her excellent copyediting skills.” Carl Chen, Bristol University, proofreading and editing service

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Table of Indicative Fees*

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*Please note that due to changes in exchange rates, our fees are liable to change. We also charge a 5% service fee. Urgency fees may apply. Please contact us for a final quote. 因為匯率的變動,我們的服務費用可能會做相關調整。還要提醒您,每一次服務我們會酌收5%的「行政處理費」。如果您想要知道最終的報價,歡迎您與我們聯繫