About Dub & Ko Language Services

Dub & Ko Language Services is the creation of an international family hoping to build a bridge of communication between the English-speaking and Chinese-speaking worlds. We help those who want to improve their language skills in English and Mandarin by providing a range of services. For those who need to produce perfect English or Chinese for their work or studies, we provide proofreading and editing of documents by native speakers with extensive industry experience. And we provide accurate translation of documents in English and Chinese for a range of needs and purposes for clients all over the world.

Dub & Ko Language Services是個由一對跨國伴侶所創設的專業線上語言服務網站,希望能藉此在英語世界及華語世界之間搭建一座順暢溝通的橋樑;讓想學習英語或華語的人有機會提升自己的語言能力;讓在求學或工作場合中以英語或華語書寫的人可以有母語人士編修他們的文件;讓需要文件翻譯的人可以得到精準且道地的譯文。

Our proofreading and editing services are wide-ranging. What makes us distinct is not only our extensive experience, but also our commitment to proofread all documents more than twice to ensure that the final result is absolutely perfect English or Chinese. Our Online Content Proofreading Service is designed for businesses that need fast, high-quality editing which attracts and engages their potential customers.


The translation provided at Dub & Ko Language Services is different from that of other companies. This is because it is not just one person who translates your document, but two, as we engage bilingual native speakers of both English and Mandarin to ensure that the final copy has been proofread and checked for accurate meaning several times. In fact, we guarantee that no grammatical errors or instances of “lost in translation” occur in our translations. Our ability to translate close to the original meaning makes us an attractive choice for businesses and individuals needing translation of official or important texts.


Online language learning is an important part of our service, and we offer a range of online classes. Currently, we are offering IELTS Speaking and Writing Tutoring, IELTS Writing Improvement Project, Conversational English Tutoring and Chinese Tutoring. We are able to provide a tailored course to meet the needs of our students and we are constantly developing new courses to add to our list of options.


成員介紹 About Us

kitadubKita (Co-founder, Proofreader, Translator)

出生於英國、成長於澳大利亞。畢業於澳大利亞國立大學(ANU)。對於自己的母語英文有很高的造詣,也精通已學習超過10年的中文。在求學時間意識到自己能成為連接中文世界與英文世界的橋梁,便與伴侶共同創立了Dub & Ko Language Services,期望能藉此幫助在生活、求學及事業上需要使用到這兩種語言的客戶。

A graduate of the Australian National University, Kita was born in the UK and grew up in Australia. She is fluent in her native language, English, as well as Mandarin Chinese, which she has been learning for more than 10 years. Kita co-founded Dub & Ko Language Services while still studying when she realised she could help bridge the Chinese and English speaking worlds.

1599464_10204989477074332_4151519739175402571_oYanshi (Co-founder, Translator)

在畢業於政治大學國際經營與貿易學系,曾在跨國企業及非營利組織中有相當豐富的翻譯經驗,工作地點曾遍及三大洲。他能流利使用中文、英語及俄語,也知道如何幫助學生提升華語水準。目前是澳洲Associated Translators & Linguists Pty. Ltd.的中英口譯人員、台灣萬象翻譯公司的俄中翻譯人員及Dub & Ko Language Services的中英俄翻譯師。

Having graduated from one of the best business schools in Taiwan, Yanshi has diverse experience in the field of international business and NPOs, having worked in various roles (mainly translator) in three continents. Yanshi is fluent in Mandarin, Russian and English and now works as a Chinese-English interpreter at Associated Translators & Linguists Pty. Ltd., a Russian-Chinese translator at Linguitronics Co., Ltd and translator at Dub & Ko Language Services.


Dub & Ko Language Services
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