About Fees 關於費用

The following table shows the indicative fees for our services. Due to changes in exchange rates, the final quote may be different from the table below. If you would like a final quote, you are very welcome to contact us.



In order to give you the best quality of proofreading or translation, we are happy to check over sentences that we have labelled unclear to English or Mandarin native speakers after you have rewritten them. To cover the costs of doing so, we have begun charging a 5% “service fee” for the proofreading/editing and translation services.


For online classes, such as Mandarin Tutoring, Conversational English and IELTS Preparation Tutoring, the fee for at least five hours must be paid before lessons begin. If you would like to continue online classes, you will need to pay for at least five more hours of tuition before the commencement of further lessons.


If you are business owner who needs a large amount of proofreading/editing or translation periodically, you are very welcome to contact us. We will consider giving discounts to those who are seeking long-term collaboration.


About Payment 關於付款

We currently provide two methods of payment: bank transfer and Paypal. We have bank accounts in Britain, Australia or Taiwan for your use. If it is not convenient for you to make a bank transfer, you can choose to pay via Paypal instead. We will send a payment request to your email address and you can pay using Paypal credit or your Paypal associated bank account. Or you can pay via PayPal.me website.