Airbnb Translation Service


If you hope to expand your customer base on Airbnb and attract more international tourists, especially those from China, Taiwan and Hong Kong, providing well-translated information on your Airbnb page is a must. Even though Airbnb already provides a Google Translate function, the important parts, including Description and House Rules, are often translated inaccurately, causing confusion to international travellers.

如果您希望擴大Airbnb的房客人數,吸引更多國際旅客前來寄宿,那麼在房源介紹的網頁上絕對不能缺少良好無錯誤的英文介紹。儘管Airbnb網站已支援Google翻譯功能,但傳遞重要資訊的房源描述(Description)及房屋守則(House Rules)卻常因為機器的亂翻和誤譯,造成讓國際旅客有讀沒有懂的窘境。

Dub & Ko Language Services, with its deep and professional experience in facilitating international communication, has decided to launch an “Airbnb Translation Service”. Our translators will turn the English content on your Airbnb page into fluent and authentic Chinese. With a perfect introduction in Chinese, your potential guests from Chinese-speaking communities will be able to understand your room listing better and will be more likely to stay at your place for a few nights!

Dub & Ko Language Services秉持著對語言一貫的認真態度及幫助客戶建立完善的跨國溝通的豐富經驗,推出了「Airbnb房源介紹翻譯服務」。我們將會把您在Airbnb網頁上的中文翻譯成通暢且道地的英文,讓您的潛在客戶能夠更清楚認識您的房源,更能夠藉此提升您在Airbnb上的國際能見度!

What this service can help you achieve
※increase the likelihood of Chinese-speaking travellers choosing your listing
※upgrade the visibility of your listing among the Chinese-speaking community
※expand your current Airbnb client base to include more international travellers


How do we charge for this service?
The fee for this service is calculated according to the number of words on your Airbnb listing page. After you provide us with your Airbnb page, we will reply to you with the required fee and time needed for translation. Please drop an email to us at We are looking forward to helping you expand your business!