Proofreading and Editing  校對及編修服務


We provide a proofreading and editing service for original texts in both English and Mandarin. This service suits customers who require a native-level standard to their finished work, whether it be for academic or business purposes. Examples of texts we can proofread include academic essays (including ensuring that any bibliographic style is formatted correctly), creative pieces, PR statements, personal cover letters or CVs, and school or scholarship applications. Please see below for indicative prices and feel free to get in touch with any queries.



Why should you choose Dub & Ko for proofreading?

  • Your text will be edited by native speakers, thereby guaranteeing both its clarity and grammatical correctness.
  • If we discover sections with an unclear meaning in your text, we will invite you to clarify your meaning, thereby ensuring accurate expression of your ideas and the integrity of your text.
  • We work on your texts during holidays and weekends, without extra charge.

為什麼您應該選擇Dub & Ko來為您編修英語文稿/論文呢?


Please note:

  • You are welcome to contact us for a quote. Please include the approximate total number of words and the time period in which you would like the text returned. Please also include the document needed to be proofread so that we can calculate the price for your case.
  • The price charged for editing is calculated according to the time it spends us to edit one page of your work (approximately 500 words). The readability and extent of changes that need to be made will influence the speed at which your work can be edited. Therefore, the closer your text is to native standard, the lower the price will be.
  • We guarantee proofreading of 1000 word texts in 24 hours. If you require an average of 1001-3000 words to be processed in 24 hours or on average daily before your deadline, you will be charged 15% extra. Different word counts will result in different rates of urgency fees. Please see the table below.In addition, if you assign us more than one document with the same deadline within 24 hours, the words from all your documents will be counted together and your rate of urgency fee decided accordingly. For example, if you send us three 2000-word documents with the same deadline within 24 hours, you will be charged a 45% urgency fee, not a 15% urgency fee for each document.Urgency fee rate


  • 確定價格歡迎來信進行估價。來信請註明文件總字數及期望交件的時間,並在信件中附上所需校對的全部文件。
  • 定價標準是依照編修一頁(約500字)所需的時間來衡量,影響編修速度的可能因素有:文字的可讀性需要修改的程度。您的文字越接近母語的程度,每字的價格就越低。
  • 如果您的文件字數在1000字以內,我們保證會在24小時內完成校對及編修工作,不加收急件處理費用;如果您需要我們在24小時內校對/編修完一份1001字到3000字的文件(或平均一天需校對/編修1001字到3000字),我們將酌收15%急件處理費用;文件的字數不同,急件處理費用的費率也會隨之調整,請參考以下表格。此外,如果您在一天之內所交付的數份文件有相同交期,將適用於全部文件字數的費率。例如,您在一天之內所交付的三份各2000字的文件如果有相同交期,急件處理費用將適用於45%的費率,而不是各個文件分別多收15%。急件處理費用

Please be in touch with any queries you have via the form or by email at . We will be happy to get back to you!


Testimonials 客戶推薦

Peggy Liu, University of Bath, proofreading and editing serviceimage1-3
I am very grateful that Kita has edited my master’s thesis and made it so much easier to gain approval from my professor! She corrected all my grammatical errors in a very short period of time and frequently communicated with me via email, making my thesis as good as it can be. I am highly satisfied with the quality of Dub & Ko’s proofreading service and I recommend it to all those studying abroad! 非常感謝Kita的幫我修改碩士論文,讓我能順利通過教授的審核!她在短時間內快速度修正我的文法,也頻繁的使用信件與我聯絡,讓我的論文能更加完善,我對編修校對後的論文很滿意。非常推薦Dub & Ko給大家! 

Jeremy Yeh, IHTTI School of Hotel Management, proofreading and editing service
Kita has provided a very professional proofreading service. She corrected my grammatical errors without changing my original meaning, making my essay perfect. I’ve also learned how to better my writing from reading the corrected sentences. I’m very grateful for the assistance of Dub & Ko. Kita所提供的是非常專業的校對服務。她更改文章中的語法錯誤,修正不正確的用語,但不會隨意更改你的原意,這使得我的報告變得完美。我也從被修改的字裡行間中學習到更棒的措辭使用方式,非常感謝Dub & Ko的幫助。

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