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Dub & Ko provides English to Chinese and Chinese to English translation services for both personal and commercial use. Our translators have extensive working experience in China, Australia and Taiwan. In order to ensure that your translation is of optimal quality, every translation is proofread by native speakers several times before its is delivered to you.

Dub & Ko提供專業的中英翻譯服務,不管是個人或商務所需,我們都可以滿足您的要求。我們的翻譯人員過去在中國、澳洲及台灣累積了相當豐富的翻譯經驗,而每一份譯文都會由母語人士反覆校對,以確保您所獲得的譯文是最高品質。


Why should you choose Dub & Ko’s translation service?
・our translation is fast, accurate and economical
・If you need simplified Chinese text, we are happy to provide traditional text for free, or vice versa.
・Every translation has been proofread many times to check its accuracy before being delivered to you.
・We work on your texts during holidays and weekends, without extra charge.

為什麼要選擇Dub & Ko的翻譯服務?

〔Translation for personal use〕

・legal documents (birth certificates, marriage certificates, driver’s licenses, military discharge orders)
・resumes, autobiographies, reference letters, certificates of employment
・thesis, abstract, academic essays
・any document needed to be translated into Chinese or English



〔Translation for commercial usage〕

・menus, catalogues
・flyers, brochures, pamphlets
・Powerpoint slides
・instruction manuals
・any document needed to be translated into Chinese or English




Our mission is to become a bridge of communication between the anglophone and sinophone worlds. Let us help you shine in another linguistic world!

Testimonials 客戶推薦

Minqi Chen, Taiwan, Mandarin-English Translation of thesis abstract, 2015
Picture1Communicating in correct language is very important in the field of academic research. Yanshi perfectly and quickly translated my text. Whenever he was not sure of the meaning of the content, he would ask questions in order to make it more accurate. With help from Kita, the translation became flawless, perfect English. I highly recommend Dub & Ko. I have no doubt in their professionalism. 正確的語言傳達對於學術研究的溝通上,十分重要。Yanshi此次所提供正確的翻譯且快速,並且在對文中內容有疑義時,提出問題讓翻譯更為精準詳實,十分細心。加上Kita細心的校對,讓論文翻譯更為完善。我在此大力推薦Dub & Ko,他們的專業無庸置疑。

Hehe, China, Mandarin-English Translation, 2016
Kita contacted me via WeChat after I booked a translation service and then translated my personal statement very well. The time between contacting her and receiving the translated document took less than one day. Her service is indeed very effective! I hope that Kita can continue her work and help more people who need translation services. I highly recommend her service. Thanks a lot! 下单没多久唐老师就微信联系了我,也很好的帮助我翻译了我的个人简介,从联系我到拿到翻译好的个人简介,连一天时间都没有用到,真的非常有效率,希望唐老师可以继续帮助有需要的人,好评~极力推荐,谢谢~!

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