Interview Training

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Are you somebody who gets stage-fright whenever you need to sit a job interview? Is English not your native language? Are you going for your dream job?

At Dub & Ko, we offer specially designed interview training to remove the pre-interview butterflies and bring out the best of you. During your hour-long mock interview you will be thrown into an entirely plausible interview setting, in which you will be required to sell yourself to our experienced interview trainer. In this setting, you will either sink or swim. We ask you to dress nicely, and our interviewer will too. We ask you specially prepared questions tailored to the requirements of the job and your own work experience and qualifications.

At Dub & Ko, we are absolutely not afraid to tell it how it is. Sometimes it is cruel to be kind. We will be ruthless in our expectations of you, as only our honesty can make you into the sort of employee that will catch the eye of your future interviewer.

But that’s not to say we won’t point out all those things that make you brilliant. Confidence = success in today’s corporate world. We guarantee that you will leave our interview training feeling stronger, better and more able.

The benefits of interview training: 

  • Have the opportunity to practice with a stranger in a credible interviewsetting
  • Be asked questions you hadn’t thought of yet…
  • Get rid of the nerves BEFORE your big day!

The benefits of a follow-up consultation:

We record the entire length of your interview and send it to you afterwards. We find this is very helpful in making you aware of their body language or nervous habits, so you can appear strong and confident when the interview arrives.

The follow-up consultation is designed to give you the opportunity to ask us any questions you have thought of while watching yourself in your mock interview.

This way, you can:

  • Benefit from feedback from our experienced interviewtrainer, such as that relating to:
    。Proper use of the English language
    。Body language
    。Interview etiquette
    。How to address your interviewer
    。How to overcome nerves
  • Learn how to address any problems in your interviewtechnique or manner
  • Learn how to deal with behavioural-based questions
  • Have the opportunity to ask questions about what to expect during your interview


Our price is calculated based on the time needed for our mock interviewer to prepare questions that suit the selection criteria of the job you are applying for, and familiarise himself with your own qualifications and experience.

One hour online mock interview:  AUD$100, NTD$2500, GBP50.

One hour optional follow-up hour consultation AUD$150; NTD$3500; GBP70