Online Content Proofreading Service 線上內容校對服務

In the digital era, social media, blogs and websites have become a vital channel for the marketing of businesses. If your target customers are Chinese native speakers, but the Chinese version of your website contains grammatical errors or strange use of the language, it definitely harms your professionalism. Indeed, the disadvantages of using a Chinese website begin to outweigh the advantages.


If your organisation does not have the budget to hire a native Chinese speaker for the proofreading of your online content, we can help. By overhauling the Chinese interface of your website or social media profile, and checking the authenticity of the language used, we guarantee perfection. If you want to make your business attractive to Chinese speakers, please contact us.


Please be in touch with any queries you have via the form or by email at . We will be happy to get back to you!




Previous clients  合作過的廠商

Hotel Bomonti
We proofread and translated confusing simplified Chinese text on the Hotel Bomonti website. As a result, text that had been the outcome of machine translation was turned into authentic and clear Chinese. The owner of the hotel was very satisfied with our service. We hope the overhaul of their Chinese interface can bring more Mandarin-speaking customers to Hotel Bomonti in Nuremberg!