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 Calligraphy work by Su Shi (蘇軾)

Chinese Mandarin is one of the official languages of the United Nations. More than 15.22% of the global population speaks Mandarin as their native language. Learning Mandarin not only helps you with your career, but also opens a window for you to appreciate the profound heritage of this ancient civilisation from East Asia. It doesn’t matter whether you’ve learned Mandarin before or how proficient you are with this language, as I will design a suitable course and learning materials based on your needs anyway, helping you effectively enhance your overall ability to speak, listen, read and write Mandarin Chinese in a short period of time.


We offer tutoring in any level of Chinese Mandarin, Basic, Intermediate or Advanced, as well as Conversational or Business Mandarin. We can also help you prepare for either the TOP (Test Of Proficiency-Huayu of Taiwan) or HSK ( Chinese Proficiency Test of China) at a level that suits you. If you are interested in learning Mandarin or you want your children to learn this difficult language as early as possible, you are very welcome to contact me!

不論是初階、中級還是進階,華語會話或是商用華語,我們都能提供任何程度、任何主題的中文教學,以滿足您的學習需求。同時我們也能幫助您準備任何等級的中文檢定考試,讓您順利通過中國的漢語水平考試(HSK)或是台灣的華語文能力測驗(Test Of Proficiency-Huayu)。如果您對於中文深感興趣,或是希望讓自己的孩子能夠儘早學習這個困難的語言,歡迎您與我聯繫


I will choose textbooks and adjust my teaching methods based on your age and level of proficiency.
– An intense one-on-one teaching method will help you effectively enhance your command of Mandarin.
– Beside printing some handouts by yourself, you don’t need to buy any textbook.
– You can choose to learn the most popular phonetic system Hanyu Pinyin or Bopomofo system widely used in Taiwan.
– You will be able to learn Traditional and Simplified characters at the same time.
– If you have a special interest in some specific subjects, such as Classical Chinese, politics, business, history or literature, I can tailor learning materials based on your requirements, helping you better understand the Sinophone world while you are studying Mandarin.



Brief Biography 師資介紹

Yanshi, native speaker of Mandarin, graduated from National Chengchi University of Taiwan. He is experienced in Mandarin teaching, having assisted Australian, Russian, British and second generation Taiwanese immigrants in learning Mandarin. He knows both traditional and simplified Chinese characters as well as the history of Taiwan and China. With his assistance, you can easily open the window and appreciate the sublimity and beauty of Chinese language. He currently lives in Canberra and works as a tutor and translator.

Testimonials 客戶推薦

Joshua, Canberra, learning Mandarin with Yanshi
12096263_10156200856140253_4614610314868462808_nIt is my great pleasure to recommend Yanshi as a Mandarin tutor. Yanshi is an extremely knowledgeable and patient teacher who has a depth of experience teaching Mandarin to students of all ages and proficiency levels.

I first met Yanshi in Taiwan just over 18 months ago. Since this time, he has been instrumental in improving my conversational Chinese and broadening my vocabulary. His knowledge of a range of topics, including Chinese history, global politics and popular culture, ensure my lessons with him are always topical and informative.

Yanshi’s love of Chinese language and culture is infectious, and his willingness to share this with others ensures his students come away with a much deeper insight into this fascinating language than just the ability to speak, read or write it. I would highly recommend his tutoring services.

Peter from Canberra, learning Mandarin with Yanshi
PeteYanshi is a very experienced and knowledgable language teacher. I engaged Yanshi as a private tutor and so far I have had 12 lessons studying Mandarin. Yanshi has a very patient and calm teaching style, balanced with discipline and a strong teaching methodology which has expanded my skills and understanding of this new language. My aim is to learn to read, write and speak Mandarin to a conversation level and I look forward to deepening my new language skills with Yanshi.

Belle, mother of Bryan, 9 years old, learning Mandarin with Yanshi
Yanshi responds actively to my son Bryan’s hoimage1mework progress. He develops and delivers a tailored learning program to maximise Bryan’s learning. My son is in grade four. He really likes Yanshi’s Mandarin class. Yanshi is a lively and passionate teacher. He successfully and effectively helps my son learn traditional Chinese characters and brings him to an understanding of the beauty of Taiwanese poetry.   我的兒子今年四年級,很喜歡上Yanshi老師的中文課。Yanshi老師是位活潑熱忱的中文老師,他成功有效的幫助我的兒子學習繁體中文,以及帶領他了解台灣地方詩詞的美好。

Dylan, Canberra, learning Mandarin with Yanshi
Yanshi is a truly fantastic Mandarin tutor. In only a few short months he has been able to shape me from a complete beginner to someone who feels confident to listen, read, speak and write in Chinese on a variety of different topics. Yanshi’s classes are always informative and engaging, drawing upon a mix basic conversational topics, Chinese pop-culture, history and my own personal interests, among many, many others. This allows for maximum engagement and ensure that lessons are never dull!

Yanshi is a very friendly, patient teacher with a fine attention to detail. He is always very quick to recognise whenever I am struggling with a particular topic, and will always take the time to ensure that I understand before moving on.

He also a very disciplined educator who consistently pushes me to do my best, both during and outside the class. From early on, Yanshi encouraged me to immerse myself in the language in anyway that interested me, and equipped me to do so in ways that would enhance my learning.

For anyone interested or thinking about learning Mandarin, I would recommend Yanshi in a heartbeat!

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Our Mandarin Tutoring is endorsed by the Association for Learning Mandarin in Australia Inc
Our Mandarin Tutoring is endorsed by the Association for Learning Mandarin in Australia Inc