Sample Mandarin Teaching Materials/ 華語教材範例

This page contains textbook information and samples of teaching materials we have personally designed for individual students. You can download them by clicking the links. This page will be updated regularly as we develop new materials for our students. Make sure to check back!

Elementary Level

I choose Practical Audio-Visual Chinese for students at the elementary level and intermediate level. This is an excellent series of textbooks for those who are new to Mandarin or have just started their Chinese linguistic journey. As soon as you “conquer” these six volumes, you will be able to speak, read, listen and write Mandarin Chinese with confidence and ease.


More Advanced Level

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an Excerpt from textbook “Poetic Journey: A Sinophone Poetry Reader”

Textbook: Poetic Journey: A Sinophone Poetry Reader / compiled by Yanshi

1. Practice: Read the first poem aloud and write the Chinese characters.
2. Practice: Read the second poem aloud and write the Chinese characters.
3. Practice: Link the Pinyin with the correct English translation, write short sentences using the given characters, look at the pictures and write down a story in Mandarin.
4. Practice: Read the third poem aloud, link the Pinyin with the correct English translation and write the Chinese characters.