Testimonials for Translation Service

許沅君, Mandarin-English Translation

Mai Hsuan Chia, Mandarin-English Translation of Military Service Discharge Order
Dub & Ko 幫我翻譯了服役證明,用字精準,公證與申請簽證時也順利過關。

Yin Chao, Mandarin-English Translation of Military Service Discharge Order
Very good and quick service. I have to give a thumps-up to their service! 服務態度好,處理速度也快,只能說讚了!

Davy Cheng, Mandarin-English Translation of Military Service Discharge Order
Dub & Ko accurately and quickly translated my Discharge Certificate of Alternative Service. The service is extremely efficient and the price is very reasonable. If I need to translate any documents in the future, I will consider Dub & Ko again!  Dub & Ko 準確並迅速的翻譯了我的替代役退役證明書。效率非常好價錢也很合理。以後如果有文件需要翻譯我也會考慮Dub & Ko。

Tzu-Yang Lu, Mandarin-English Translation of Military Service Discharge Order
DUB&ko 大力推薦!!迅速有效率的回覆訊息,耐心會為客人的問題和需求儘可能的配合!

Ching-Chia Wang, Mandarin-English Translation of Military Service Discharge Order
They carefully explained the procedure to me and finished the translation both efficiently and professionally. Highly recommended!! 當我需要一份精準翻譯的退伍令時,我找到了Dub & Ko。他們細心地向我解釋相關的流程,並且以專業及效率完成了我的文件翻譯。我非常推薦他們的服務!

Joseph Yul, Mandarin-English Translation of Military Service Discharge Order
Dub & Ko provided a professional and friendly service in translating my Military Service Discharge Order. I had it notarised without any difficulty. The price was reasonable. During the process, they carefully checked whether my name’s spelling was identical to the one on my passport. They are very approachable and completed my translation very quickly.

Y. H. Lee, Mandarin-English Translation of thesis abstract
Dub & Ko not only replied quickly and showed their high efficiency in translation, but their translation was also very professional! I trust them with the translation of my master’s thesis abstract wholeheartedly. The fact that they even accept work on weekends makes me feel great! I will definitely seek help from them in the future. Dub & Ko不但回信速度快、翻譯效率超高,而且非常專業!碩士論文摘要交給他們翻譯非常放心,尤其假日也收件這點真的超棒!以後有需要一定還會再找他們。

C.K. Huang, Mandarin-English Translation of Certificate of Discharge (替代役退役證明書中翻英)
Dub & Ko’s service is very quick and professional! Because I need to study abroad, I asked them to translate my certificate of discharge for substitute service. They were very effective and always replied to my emails very quickly. The quality of the translation is great and they sent the finished work to me very quickly. I highly recommend their service! Dub & Ko的服務非常迅速而且專業!因為留學的需要而請Dub&Ko翻譯了替代役退役證明,效率極高,寫email過去詢問也非常快速就回信,翻譯品質好且快,非常大力推薦他們的服務!

Monica F., Mandarin-English Translation of thesis abstract
還在為英文摘要煩惱嗎?找專業的翻譯就對了!品質好速度快,一次ok! Are you still worried about the English abstract of your thesis? It’s time to seek help from professionals! Dub & Ko’s translation service is good and quick.

Eric Huang, Mandarin-English Translation
I am happy to highly recommend Dub & Ko’s translation service. I needed 12804364_10204135519186986_1441584439_nto submit a lot of documents in English in order to apply for an Australian student visa in a very short period of time. Dub & Ko’s translation service quickly helped me to obtain the English version of the required documents in order to apply for my visa.

Hehe, Mandarin-English Translation
Kita contacted me via WeChat after I booked a translation service and then translated my personal statement very well. The time between contacting her and receiving the translated document took less than one day. Her service is indeed very effective! I hope that Kita can continue her work and help more people who need translation services. I highly recommend her service. Thanks a lot! 下单没多久唐老师就微信联系了我,也很好的帮助我翻译了我的个人简介,从联系我到拿到翻译好的个人简介,连一天时间都没有用到,真的非常有效率,希望唐老师可以继续帮助有需要的人,好评~极力推荐,谢谢~!

Wei-Ting Kuo, Mandarin-English Translation of Military Discharge Order
IMG_0059I highly recommend Dub & Ko for official document translation. They very quickly and precisely translated my military discharge order. In addition to scrupulously checking the translation, they can also provide a certificate of translation if you need it. Whenever I had any questions, they patiently answered me. In addition, they were able to provide useful information about learning English. 非常推薦Dub & Ko的文件翻譯服務,他們很迅速地翻譯了我的退伍令。除了對翻譯文件細心核對外,還會考慮可能遇到的況事而提供你譯者證明書。詢問問題皆耐心回答,還會推薦你學習英文的實用資訊哦!

Li-Chieh, Mandarin-English Translation of Proof of Loss of Separation Document (離營證件遺失證明)
Quick service. Friendly reply. Next time if I have the opportunity, I will seek help again from Dub & Ko for document translation. 服務很快,回覆也很親切,下次還有機會我一樣會找Dub & Ko翻譯文件。

Minqi Chen, Mandarin-English Translation of thesis abstract
Picture1Communicating in correct language is very important in the field of academic research. Yanshi perfectly and quickly translated my text. Whenever he was not sure of the meaning of the content, he would ask questions in order to make it more accurate. With help from Kita, the translation became flawless, perfect English. I highly recommend Dub & Ko. I have no doubt in their professionalism. 正確的語言傳達對於學術研究的溝通上,十分重要。Yanshi此次所提供正確的翻譯且快速,並且在對文中內容有疑義時,提出問題讓翻譯更為精準詳實,十分細心。加上Kita細心的校對,讓論文翻譯更為完善。我在此大力推薦Dub & Ko,他們的專業無庸置疑。

Susan West, English-Mandarin translation Service

563083_536663289745604_1705914961_nThank you so much Dub & Ko! I own Thalia Haven, a self-contained accommodation business on Tasmania’s beautiful East Coast. Thalia recently won a national accommodation award, and we are attracting a sizeable number of Chinese guests – both visiting and Australia-based. Thalia is entirely off the grid, and visitors who don’t realise how to manage off-grid power implications have found themselves without electricity! So thank you, Dub & Ko, for your speedy translation of our FAQs – for your terrific presentation of your work – and thereby for helping us welcome our guests! Recommended wholeheartedly!